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Couples In-home: 12 Sessions

Twelve sessions are broken down into a 4-6 week program according to training frequency for the couple. Training 2-3 times a week is recommended to maintain steady periodization and progression in your exercise regimen.


Travel Fees Included (only in validated areas in Greater Los Angeles - Fitness Consultation required before booking.)


60-Minute Personal Training Sessions Include:

+ 5 minute warm-up / mobility work

+ 10 minutes of core-work / cardio

+ 40 minutes of exercise

+ 5 minutes of breathwork / stretching (optional)

Timing of workouts are subject to change according to individual


Also Included:

+ 24/7 Support from your Trainer

+ Nutrition Guide to Portion Control

+ Workout Nutrition Guide Based on Bodytype

+ Guide on How to Meal Prep Properly

+ How to Create a Balanced Meal (Ingredients Listed)


Programs are personalized per individual and finalized upon discussion.

Sessions are scheduled at least 24 hours in advanced.


Cancellations are notified within 24 hours in order to convert into a make-up session.

Couples In-home: 12 Sessions

Excluding Sales Tax
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