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An easy-to-follow guide you can use to get on a healthier eating schedule/regimen.  


- Timing of meals most effective to your lifestyle

- Meal proportions of fats carbohydrates and protein intake

- Customizable for all body types



This guide is a pre-requisite to our 6-week Nutritional Counseling Program.


To be most effective, we recommend that you sign-up with our Nutritional Counseling Program as we will take a step-by-step approach to implementing these guidelines per week. This is going to increase your likeliness to adopt those habits and to align with your fitness goals. Our Nutrition Counseling service must be purchased separately from this Meal-plan Baseline Guide.




  1. How to pair the correct foods together in proper portions to achieve a balanced diet.
  2. How to differentiate between foods with empty calories and foods that are high in nutritional density.
  3. What type of snacks to incorporate in your daily diet to help satiate you for longer.
  4. How to decrease fatigue and increase energy levels by choosing the correct foods and consuming at proper intervals.
  5. What to eat before, during and after your chosen type of physical activity (strength training, yoga, body building, pilates, running, zumba, etc.)

Meal-plan Baseline Guide

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