1. Body composition and nutritional assessment
  2. Grocery shopping guide
  3. Recommended breakdown of macronutrients and daily intake on your tailored meal-plan
  4. Synced activity log and schedule of meal times for you to track your daily nutritional intake
  5. Weekly phone call or in-person check-in to track your fitness progress
    (Available only in select locations.)
  6. 24/7 Customer support - SMS option available


If you are unsatisfied with your results by the end of the 6-week program and express that our 6-week meal-plan did not contribute to your fitness progress at all, we will provide you a full refund.


NOTE: You may qualify for a discount if you are also purchasing weekly Standard Meals T'GO or weekly Customized Meals T'GO. Please consult with your Equinox Personal Trainer or contact Hetty at 626.486.7936 for more information.


6-Week Meal-plan



    Please contact me directly below!

    Email: hetty.diep@tenoverall.com

    Call / Text: (626) 486-7936


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