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This order includes the following:


  1. Lifestlye, Fitness and Nutrition Assessment in accordance to your goals.
  2. Access to your personal Food Log via Google Sheets where you will be logging in your daily meal intake.
  3. Weekly monitoring of your Food Log where you will be checking in for notes on how to eat healthier based on your food log.
  4. Weekly check-in with your Nutrition Coach to go over your weekly habits.
  5. Welcome Package:

    + Intro to Nutrition Science
    + Nutrition Guide to Portion Control
    + Workout Nutrition Guide Based on Bodytype
    + Guide on How to Meal Prep Properly
    + How to Create a Balanced Meal (Ingredients Listed)


Phonecalls are scheduled or resheduled at least 24 hours in advanced or it will be considered as a late cancellation and there will be no make-up session available.


6-Week Nutrition Coaching

Excluding Sales Tax
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