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This featured article is brought to you by the collaboration of Tenoverall, and Registered Dietitian, Jacquelyn Hackett, MS, RDN.

In response to COVID-19,


I have curated a list of foods to help you minimize your options to a selected few in order to stay healthy and well-nourished during these critical times.


As a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist who have been in this practice for at least five years, I have only taken my health, and, the health of others more seriously. Our health and well-being is something we often take for granted, that is until we face the consequences of illness or physical ailments. In recognizing this, I invite you to stand with me in prioritizing the health of our nation by beginning with ourselves. We have the ability to be healthier and stronger every day no matter what level you begin.


I'm rooting you on in striving for the best!



Black bean pasta
Garbanzo bean pasta
Edamame pasta
Beans / canned beans
Wild rice
Hot cereal


Cabbage (purple and green)
Root vegetables
+ carrots
+ sweet potato
+ rutabaga
+ taro
+ radishes
+ onion
+ tumeric
+ ginger


+ spaghetti squash

+ acorn squash

+ pumpkin

+ butternut squash

+ zucchini


Local, Organic, pasture-raised eggs
Organic Goat cheese
Smoked wild-caught fish
Canned fish
Organic meats (however, safer to stay away from all meat when possible)



Veggie chips
Dried seaweed
Rice cakes
Nut butter
+ almond
+ peanut butter
Low-sugar protein bars (this is a tricky one)


Alkaline water

Coconut water


Citrus (vitamin c!)
+ oranges
+ tangerines
+ grapefruit
+ lemon
+ lime
Green bananas


Goji berries
Golden berries


Powdered greens

Açaí berries (usually in powder)
Camu camu (usually in powder)
Honey comb + honey
Bee pollen




Elderberry Syrup


This health supplement is often combined with zinc and vitamin C, used to fight off flu symptoms. It is rich in Vitamin C, dietary fiber, phenolic acids, flavanols, and anthocyanins-- all of which reduce inflammation, restores damaged cells and tissue in the body, and helps boost the immune system overall. 

There are many studies on this natural homeopathic that support its many health benefits, however, further research is needed in order to determine it's true potential. There are also health risks and side effects to taking this supplement, so please do your own research accordingly.

Figure 1-1 (below)

Immunity-Boosting Smoothie


by Jacquelyn Hackett, MS, RDN


Try this immune system boosting smoothie recipe during flu season to beat the cold and to stay healthy!

Together, kale, spinach, and lemon provide a mega dose of vitamin C. Alongside the powerful antioxidant punch, the calcium, folate (great for pregnant women), and fiber help boost your immunity, and may even fight off infection.

Figure 1-1


My name is Hetty, thanks for stopping by!

If you are anything like me, you are constantly seeking for a peace of mind, while, fulfilling your purpose in life. Sometimes, you find yourself caught up in the every day hustle, and, you want to take a breath just to become centered again.

I know how it feels to want something so badly that you would do anything in your power to achieve it. I have been through the mountains and valleys of "getting healthy" - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I am still on my journey, although time and time again, I have come back to the same remedies that cure me from my sufferings. These remedies are the same practices that I teach to help you achieve your optimal way of being.

"Healthy" is not only a state of being, but, a state of mind, and, the way of life. It is not only moving and eating well, but, thinking and knowing in abundance. You once believed that everything was incredibly fascinating, and, anything was thoroughly possible. Today, your ability to tap into your inner wild-child, is the way you will thrive in the purest form of being.

Let us commence...

Wholesomely yours,

Hetty Diep



Hetty is by far the best personal trainer I've ever had. She listened to what I was trying to accomplish and created a great plan for me. I've had great results and I'm in the best shape of me life! She takes her job seriously and is also a fun person to work with! She's incredibly attentive and upbeat -- making it fun to workout!

Christian D.

I've been using this meal prep service for several months now and have been extremely satisfied with the quality and taste. I get to choose my meals in advance and can substitute depending on my diet restrictions or allergies. This keeps me on track with my healthy living. The meals are delicious and I get the right amount of veggies, protein and carbs. Thank you Hetty for making my busy life easier and helping me eat healthy.

Maggie J.

Awesome service. Better than any other service I have tried in terms of meal prep. The quality of ingredients is spectacular. Would highly recommend this to anyone, as Hetty specially creates each meal prep to the specific needs of each individual client.

Alex M.


Movement and Nutrition Coach

An artist at heart, Hetty achieves strength through living a life that is free of ailments and full of vitality. From boxing in University, to cooking in Italy, to coaching at Equinox Fitness Clubs, Hetty has also opened her services in meal-prep and customized catering.


Importance has always been placed in optimizing our mind, body and spirit in order to perform to our fullest potential. Hetty continues to keep her clients accountable in

exercise and nutrition.


ServSafe Food Protection Manager

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Registered Dietitian

Upon receiving her Masters degree in Nutritional Science, Jackie practices a whole-body-lifestyle approach to health and fitness, such as, intuitive eating. If she isn't working out or staying updated on the latest evidence-based nutrition research, she is traveling around the globe to see her favorite world-renowned DJs. Follow her on instagram for the latest workout and nutrition tips @fitwitcrackerjack



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